Affordable small business custom software
as low as $200 to $500k



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Over 60,000 hours of experience and 3 college degrees  
I don't just get paid by the hour, I guarantee results.
US ARMY Veteran
Local to the Cincinnati Metropotilian area
Listed on BBB A- with no complaints and nothing but positive reviews
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You pay only after I deliver the solution agreedupon and you are 100% satisfied

What other custom software development company only charges after the clients is 100% satisfied?

If you are not 100% satisfied you don't pay

I view my services not just as a software development company but as a company providing solutions to enhance your business so to achieve that goal of providing solution as opposed to charging by the hour for development time.  That is why I am willing to deliver a functioning solution that is useful to your business in automating some business function or functions before you pay anything.  

If you don't know someone personally it's had to know if you can trust that person or business to do a good job for a fair price.  I eliminate the guess work by, proving to you with concrete results, that meet or exceed your expectations, before you pay anything.  

There is nothing to risk.
Our Services
Business Analysis
Custom Solutions
Software Customization
We analyze you business to determine your unique methodology so that our solutions will enhance your business as opposed to radically changing it as others want to do.  Our approach fosters  acceptance rather than pushback from "their" methodology.
We can customize your software to increase efficency or add new features or o convert it from one system to another.
We can deliver turnkey custom software that exceeds your expectations for a competitive price.
Computer Specialists
I have over 60,000 hours of professional experience and 3 college degrees with the highest being a Master's Degree in Management Information Systems.  It's like an MBA but more focused on using Information Technology to assist in business administration.
Meet the Team
  1. Joseph John Juska
    Joseph has 3 college Degrees the highest being a Master's degree in Management Information Systems and over 30 years of experience (over 60,000 hours) in Systems Analysis, Business Analysis, and software Development.
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Partial Customer list
General Electric
US Air Force
Department of Defense
Coleman Research
ASM Research
Republic Wire
American Metal
Disney Retail Sales
Hickory Farms
Beckfield College
AM Engineered Sales Inc.
River North Properties
Mid Ohio All Trade
Impact Lawn Service
Loveland Animal Hospital
New Beginnings Massage
Mortenson Mobile Machanic